Specialist Scaffolding

Specialist Scaffolding Contractor

As one of the leading scaffolding contractor, we stock, design, and erect custom scaffolds for all types of domestic and commercial solutions. Our scaffolding contractors are of the highest quality and are reasonably priced.
If you are unsure of what exactly your needs are, you are welcome to contact our trained and knowledgeable scaffolding contractors. We are always ready to provide you with the most relevant information on our full range of scaffolding products and services or help you with any technical enquiries you might have relating to larger scaffolding projects.
Our team of experts will help you to design and build a wide range of internal and or external scaffolding structures with the fastest response rate, most practically and safely for your building or maintenance project.

Specialist Scaffolding Services

With health & safety always in mind, the K Scaffolding team controls the erection of scaffolding structures, with loads calculated by qualified structural engineers to ensure everyone’s safety. As a market leader in specialist scaffolding services, our offering covers:

Home Building Firms

Our scaffolding contractors can deliver custom-tailored services specifically designed to support large scale housing development projects.

Construction Companies

Our fleet of scaffolding contractors and in-depth knowledge of how construction sites operate, allow us to adapt to all types of demands.

Historic Buildings

Our team of experts understand the importance of carefully designing and deploying specialist scaffolding structures to ensure the safest refurbishment outlines.

Restoration Firms

Highly specific restoration projects require unique developments and practices to ensure the proper protection of the venue and adjacent site, at all times.

Specialist Scaffolding Contractor

Here at K Scaffolding, we have the latest equipment required by scaffolding contractors to install robust and modern platforms for any work they need to work on. With a constant focus on staff investment and training, we operate with up to 100 contractors and specialist operatives.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our extensive expertise with residential and commercial scaffolding contractors and capability to design bespoke scaffolding systems allow us to complete both short and long term projects and to meet our customer's most stringent requirements.

Scaffolding Association Member

Our company is an audited member of the 'Scaffolding Association', fully certified in occupational health and safety, and it is fully compliant to the latest British standards and regulations.

Renewal Policy

Our company has a renewal policy on its ongoing stock, materials, and vehicles. Our mobile department has over 20 tracked vehicles, vans, trucks, and fully equipped delivery lorries available at all times.

Specialist Scaffolding Services

Here is a quick list of our domestic scaffolding services:
K Scaffolding successfully covers both large and small contracts.
We have an excellent Health & Safety policy.
All of K Scaffolding employees are CITB registered.
We are one of the few scaffolding companies to operate a 24-hour callout all year round.
We have a AAA rated insurer with a combined public/employers liability insurance cover of over £10 million.
We provide the best service in the market whilst remaining extremely competitive.

Our Accreditations

To date, K Scaffolding Ltd leads the scaffolding companies competitor market with the most significant number of certifications.
For more details about our work procedure check our case studies page