NASC Scaffolding

NASC Scaffolding Accredited Company

As an NASC scaffolding company, over the years, K Scaffolding has acquired great scaffolding experience by working in some of the most challenging conditions, areas of significant danger and even sterile factories.
The organisation produces and releases an extensive range of industry-recognised safety and technical regulation for all NASC scaffolding contractors and their clients. All NASC regulations are regarded as the industry standard by Build UK, HSE, CITB and all other principal contractors.
As such, all NASC members are rigorously audited to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. Therefore, our NASC scaffolding accreditation ensures all of our clients that our work is not only safe, regulated, and compliant, but also highly qualified and professional.

NASC Scaffolding Member

Simply put, by working with us you are making an informed, correct decision. There is no speculation as to the standard and quality of working practice you will receive from our company because you are benefiting from some of the most rigorous checks in the industry, required by NASC from all of its regulated scaffolding companies.


As an NASC scaffolding member, we are committed to the full employees' registration under the CISRS scheme and their continuous training.

Health & Safety

As an NASC scaffolding member, we have an updated Health and Safety policy statement that meets the latest health and safety legal requirements.


We meet the highest levels of protection, which includes the Employers' Liability of 10 million pounds and a minimum Public Liability of 5 million pounds.

Code of Conduct

As an NASC scaffolding long-time member, we will always abide by the NASC Code of Conduct and the NASC Byelaws and Rules.

NASC Scaffolding Accredited

Just like all other NASC members in the UK, K Scaffolding also has to fulfil the most stringent safety requirements as part of our membership. These stringent requirements include extensive training to ensure a high degree of expertise within the industry, experience, clear evidence of meeting safety regulations and compliance with NASC's code of conduct.

Extensive Training & Support

As an accredited NASC member with over 35 years of experience in scaffolding services, K Scaffolding prides itself on the design and delivery of safest and highest quality scaffolding solutions in the UK.
For more details about our work procedure check our case studies page