Health & Safety

High Standards In Scaffolding Health And Safety

Over recent years, there have been significant improvements in reducing the number and rate of injuries to workers in the scaffolding landscape. However, several severe issues continue to affect workers, with devastating impact for individuals and families.
As a holistic company, K Scaffolding views health & safety scaffolding as an integral part of its business construct. The company's high standard scaffolding services are beautifully reflected through our numerous accreditations and certificates.
At K Scaffolding all workers' tools and working environments where there's a potential risk to their health & safety, are well controlled.

Site Organisation

Our company is always making sure that all constructions put in place are following its health & safety scaffolding regulations.


All lifting operations relating to health & safety scaffolding are planned adequately and carried out safely.

Slips, Trips And Falls

K Scaffolding is assessing, eliminating and controlling such risks on all of its health & safety scaffolding sites.


All demolition, dismantling and structural alteration on the company’s health & safety scaffolding sites are carefully planned and carried out only by expert teams with a massive experience in the field.

Height Work

A correct health & safety scaffolding site relies on having complete control, via the use, from the ground up of towers, scaffolds, ladders and platforms, to the last element of safety restraints and fall netting.

Structural Stability

Designed to prevent unintentional structural collapse during alterations, demolition and dismantling, a full assessment of the company’s health & safety scaffolding is perform on any undertaken job.

Proactive Approach To Health & Safety Scaffolding

At K Scaffolding, we have a proactive/pre-emptive approach to health & safety scaffolding, intended to protect both its employees and its clients from accidents and harm by staying compliant with the latest H.S.E. regulations. As a provider of high standard scaffolding, K Scaffolding owns a full employer and public liability insurance with all of its staff thoroughly trained and holders of the C.I.S.R.S. card.

Progressive Health & Safety Policy

The company maintains a progressive Health & Safety Policy and provides monthly pieces of training to its staff to ensure the creation of a safe working environment and the necessary conditions which allow the employees to perform high standard scaffolding services in a healthy and safe environment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All of our employees wear P.P.E. at all times, including but not limited to safety gloves, safety footwear, hard hat, hi-vis vests, security harnesses, safety goggles and ear defenders, if and when required.

Fully Compliant

To maintain its high standard scaffolding services, we follow the TG20:13 User Guide on scaffolding, the SG4:15 on how to prevent falls in scaffolding operations, and the SG6:10.
For more details about our work procedure check our case studies page