Randolph Hotel

Case Study - Randolph Hotel Oxford

Following a terrible fire in 2015 at the Randolph Hotel, one of Oxford’s and probably the world’s most prestigious hotels, K Scaffolding Ltd was called in to fit a temporary roof to allow the fire damaged roof to be replaced. It was a task which called not only for a high degree of expertise but one which needed to be achieved quickly to reduce weather damage occurring.
Now, three years later, South-East-based K Scaffolding has been called in again to provide scaffolding to enable the 150-year-old, eight-story Randolph Hotel to undergo a complete refurbishment.
‘It’s been a challenging task,’ says Allan Broom, K Scaffolding’s Managing Director. ‘Situated in one of the busiest parts of Oxford, we have had to work without disrupting traffic flow, or restricting or endangering pedestrians, and the hotel remained open throughout the eight weeks the scaffolding took to complete.’
  • Client Randolph Hotel
  • Services Scaffolding
  • Location Oxford
  • Project Date March 2015

Custom Scaffolding - Randolph Hotel Oxford

The first task was to erect a custom-designed gantry over the front and side of the building to provide safety for pedestrians passing beneath. To avoid causing traffic problems, this could only be erected on Sundays and, running for about 20m across the front of the hotel and about 40m along the side, required several Sundays to complete.
‘The main scaffolding on the front and side was then erected above the gantry by our trained staff,’ says Mr Broom. ‘I feel K Scaffolding has made a major contribution to ensuring this prestigious hotel, the Randolph Hotel, is back to it full status as one of the world’s best-known hotels.’
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