Barrow Hill

Case Study - Barrow Hill

Scaffolding is not just for providing safe support to allow work on buildings; it also features heavily in the maintenance of deep access shafts, like those on London’s Thames Water Ring Main – the system which provides fresh water to over 6 million people in central London.
K Scaffolding Ltd was asked to provide scaffolding for the trunk main shaft at Barrow Hill which is 78m deep and 9m wide. To enable maintenance and repairs to take place.
Overseeing proceedings is K Scaffolding’s Contracts Director Keith Broom. “Working in these depths requires specialized training to be given to our Operatives and extra care to be taken with safety issues”
  • Client Thames Water
  • Services Scaffolding
  • Location Barrow Hill
  • Project Date -

Custom Scaffolding - Barrow Hill

Work begins by craning scaffolding equipment down to the base of the shaft – the scaffold to be erected is a designed structure which takes into account of the depth of the shaft and the weights involved.
The Scaffolders then make their way down a series of vertical ladders to start erecting the scaffold up from the base of the shaft. As a further safety measure a man is stationed at the top of the shaft to keep a constant watch on the operatives at work.
“One of the biggest issues is the strength of the wind,” says Keith Broom “if it's too windy then it is unsafe to lower the scaffold down the shaft, but if all is well the scaffolding gradually makes its way up the shaft in preparation for the maintenance work to begin. The scaffold takes about 10 weeks to complete”.
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